The Power of the Consistent Donations

KodingaCares helps you fundraise throughout the year. When you list your cause or charity on KodingaCares, you will receive a personalized link to the shopping site. Share that link with your supporters through Facebook, email, your website, etc., and when your supporters sign up for their free Kodinga account and shop through our many links to their favorites stores, a percentage of their purchase will be donated to your cause or charity. Your supporters shop throughout the year so you will earn donations consistently as they shop as opposed to a one time donation.

Up to 25% donations at the stores your supporters already love.

KodingaCares works with hundreds of affiliate stores with more always being added. We also have thousands of coupons so your supporters save money. Instead of asking your supporters for money out of their own pocket, ask them to join your cause on KodingaCares and earn donations anytime they start their shopping at our site or through the Kodinga Button. They shop online anyway, so why not earn donations without costing your supporters their own money!

Great for Any Cause or Charity

KodingaCares works for any cause or charity no matter how large or small. If you already have a group of dedicated supporters, KodingaCares is a great way to ask them to help you without costing them any money. If you are just starting to fundraise for your cause, KodingaCares helps you share your cause on Facebook to build a group of supporters that will earn free donations for you. KodingaCares works great for any cause including sport teams, schools, churches, animal shelters, mission trips, honeymoons, weddings, choirs, orchestras, fire stations, political candidates, neighborhood associations, parks, or any cause you want to raise money for.

Risk Free because it's Free!

KodingaCares is free and easy to use. Our affiliate stores pay us a commission for the customers we send their way, and we share that commission with your cause or charity in the form of a donation. It's easy and free for you and for your supporters! If you decide you want to earn a larger percentage donation, we offer two paid plans that can increase your donations, but the free plan is always free, has great donation rates, and we are happy to offer it.

Start Fundraising in less than 5 minutes!

KodingaCares is fast and easy to set up in just a few simple steps.

  • Step 1: Enter your name, email address, and choose a password.
  • Step 2: Enter basic details about your cause or charity such as the name, a description, and an address of where to send your donation checks.
  • Step 3: Share your new cause on Facebook, email, twitter, or however you want to spread the word.

That's all there is to it. Just spread the word about your new KodingaCares cause, and as you build your group of supporters, you can sit back and watch your donations grow! Why wait? Get started today!